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Do we like Bangkok?


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Following a lot of specific blogging about the different sights Noel and I have seen in Bangkok and the daily adventures we have been having, I thought its time to just write about Bangkok and Thailand to date.

About one week after arriving in Bangkok, some of you asked me what I thought of Bangkok. I said it was a culture shock and a bit of a, excuse my french, shit hole". It is defiinitely a culture shock but certainly not a shit hole.

Noel and I have aclimatized to Bangkok, its fast paced way of life and all of its parts both good and not so good. Thats what makes Bangkok. You really do need to just give in to the city. When I say give in, I mean leave your westren ways behind, all that your use to and embrace their way of living.

For starters, all food is fried in buckets of oil. Dont get me wrong, its not greasy the food but lets just say that your skin needs to get use to the oil. While talking about food, be prepared to eat, what we westerners would call, dinners for breakfast. So far Noel and I have eaten chicken noodles or chicken and rice for breakfast and for dinner, the same! We havent been too adventurous yet with food because everything is in Thai and Thai's in Bangkok dont seem to know much English at all.

A quick extra note on food, its hot! Proper Thai food it full of chillies. All of the street stalls we have eaten from have been delicious but hot hot hot! Ten they bring you extra chillie oil to pour on! We are use to this now and finally loving the hot food. The other day we were told about a street stall that has a michelin star chef. The food was incredible. Two main meals for £3! Cant be bad.

The transport in Bangkok is great when you get use to it. We have mainly used the BTS (skytrain) and the MRT (underground). The downside is that these lovely airconditioned and effecient services only service the North-East round to the South of Bangkok. If you want to get to the Khao San Road and Dusit area (which is a more international, backpackers hub then your best bet is the ferry taxi. 15BHT (20p) for one journey as far as you like! Its the best way to travel and see Bangkok, without being in the hot and sticky crowds of the streets.

Speaking of weather, its very hot and humid in Bangkok so forget anything warm or heavy. So far temperature have been in the 40's and dipping to about 36 degrees at night. The humidity means you sweat as soon as you go out. The Thai's dont sweat. Apparently its something they drink plus they are use to it.

On the whole Bangkok is actually a wonderful city full of so many different sights and a completely different way of life, in an envirnoment very different to what we are use to but so worth coming to and sticking it out for at least a week if you want to acclimatize and really start to appreciate Bangkok for Bangkok, rather than coming here just to see the main sights and then leaving again to go to some beach resort!
PS, We have been told that Phuket and similar southern beach resorts are not so great anymore! Thank goodness we are off to Jonteim Beach on monday for 2 weeeks. Its 2 hours south east of Bangkok. Originally a royal resort for the Thai's but now a secret paradise still free from the huge influx of tourists. Yay

Lots of love,
Ollie and Noel

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