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Bangkok on foot

Very hot!

sunny 37 °C
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Day 2 of our journey and we decided to check out the local sights of Downtown Bangkok on foot. As you'd expect, down every street there is a different temple. They all look very similar but here are a few that we saw and got the names of!

Wat Yannawa

A beautiful temple in a square complex. The king and Queen are highly respected and their pictures are everywhere! Noel being Noel saw a picture and said "oh Prince Charles has visited here!" I laughed and corrected him, it was actually the King! he honestly thought it was Prince Charles. You brits will see why. I cant say or I may be put in jail!


Wat Boromma Sathon

On we went down side streets and alley ways to discover the real Bangkok and stumbled upon another school and temple. Again beautiful buildings that literally sparkle in the gleaming sun with spires that rise high into the sky. The number of steps on the spires represents the Rama (King) that built it. E.g. 9 steps = Rama 9, the current King. The top of the spire refers to Buddha who is all high. Higher than God and represents you reaching Nirvana. More of that to come!


We then continued to wander and found another nice temple in a tiny square but as we appraoched a scary homeless lady started shapening a knife on the curb so I took my photo and ran!


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